The Rentable Boyfriend [EXO - Chanyeol Fan Fiction]

The Rentable Boyfriend [EXO - Chanyeol Fan Fiction]

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Chloe|Xiumin's Wife|Semi Hiatus By Chloe_MinHunHan Updated Jun 22, 2017

Meet Kim Tae Hee, a 23 year old workaholic who believes dating is a pointless thing. On the other hand, we have Park Chanyeol, a 22 year old 'Rentable Boyfriend'. He's under the private company, RentAFriend: a company that allows people to rent any type of friend (e.g. A boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, friend friend, etc.) under a very strict contract.

When Tae Hee is pressured into getting involved in a relationship before her parents arrive in Seoul, she quickly turns to RentAFriend for help.  Once she agrees to the conditions of the contract, she comes to meet her rentable boyfriend, Park Chanyeol.

To fool Tae Hee's parents, the two are forced to act like a real couple, which means living in the same house and doing everything together. However, through acting like a couple together, have their feelings towards each other developed at all? Will the conditions of the contract affect anything? Will their fake relationship turn into something more real, or will Chanyeol just remain the 'Rentable Boyfriend'?

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Yuri_prescott Yuri_prescott Jun 22, 2017
I had quickly forgot it was her point of view and thought Chanyeol was wearing heels 😂😂😂 fml
I_am_Lianna I_am_Lianna May 28, 2016
You mean love me,heal me? Ugh sorry if I was wrong heheheh that's what I tough 😂😂😂✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
ALeapofFaith ALeapofFaith Feb 06, 2016
Lmao, wow guys.. What's up with you and Yoda? Because of the movie that came out? <_< But you know, there's also rentable Lee Min Ho too....
ruminaer ruminaer Dec 28, 2015
bring me too!! then we'll live with a guy i know name Kris Wu there with his wife, Kim Junhee and son Ace Wu
- - Sep 04, 2015
                              Only 9999999999999 dollars at your local Boys R' Us
dkyungs dkyungs Jul 29, 2015
Han Tae Hee! Haha if you know what I mean! Birth of A Beauty >.<! Haha okay nvm