Temptation • Remus Lupin / Professor Lupin

Temptation • Remus Lupin / Professor Lupin

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Lupus By GlowAsh Updated Nov 03

"I know what I want and I know what's good for me- you're good for me." The words slipped from my mouth before I even had time to process them properly in my head. 
His eyes focused sharply and his breathing became unsteady.
"Dana, please, you don't know what you're talking about-"
His mouth said one thing, yet his eyes said another. There were all but a few inches between us, and the undeniable force drew us in closer with each passing moment...

Dana Carter was expecting an ordinary 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with only a few minor changes, one of which includes a new addition to the staff. Professor Lupin has taken the post for the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, causing many students to have a new profound interest in the subject. But when odd occurrences take place and an unlikely forbidden romance begins to blossom, Dana has to decide what is more important- 
Her reputation or temptation.

A Remus Lupin/Professor Lupin FanFiction.
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So did she take a different train than Harry, Ron and Hermione? Because I'm pretty sure it wasn't a very pleasurable ride....or are we just not including that bit?
what about fred and george and lee though? or were they in their fifth year? Idkidk
natz_horan natz_horan Jun 07
GREAT! I literally laughed as I imagined Snape's reaction on their prank 😂😂
redxvines redxvines Jun 28
i added it to my library because I'm very hesitant to read all the drama that's going to happen because I react... loudly.... irl
I forgot where I was before I stopped so now I have to reread it 😊👍🏻 lets experience the paIN AGAIN! <3
(already read title and was eyeballing it in menu)
                              Should I?
                              Or should I not?
                              To read
                              or not to read
                              that is the question...
                              (Moony's in background slowly applauding)