Twitter Dms// Luke Hemmings✔️

Twitter Dms// Luke Hemmings✔️

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{@Luke5sos is now following you}
@Lashtonftw: I have an important question
@Luke5sos: which is? 
@Lashtonftw: do you ship Lashton?

[highest in Fanfiction #1 1/10/15]

book 1 In the Social Media Series
B2:Kik ~Ch

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heavydirty_me heavydirty_me Jan 31, 2016
WHy dO YoU LiKE tO mEsS wiTH mE lIkE tHiS I ThOuGhT yOu WErE DeLetIng iT
closeaspizza closeaspizza Jan 30, 2016
I'm so sad because I love this story and I live in Italy, so the book probably won't be published here, but congratulations, you deserve all❤
SocialyAwkwardMeme SocialyAwkwardMeme Feb 04, 2016
God dang it woman! I have to read it again before you delete it?! Ok well that means possibly getting my phone taken away in school for this. I hope you are happy
horanjordan horanjordan Nov 22, 2016
Lucky ... I wish I was full Irish but I'm just part Irish ... 😣
Thegeekygirlnextdoor Thegeekygirlnextdoor Jan 31, 2016
oh good,I was afraid you were going to say you were deleting it. ^^ Can't wait for the update
vilivejo vilivejo Jan 15
Please follow me, give me a shout out and read my book thanks xoxox:3