It All Starts With A Wish (Chandler Riggs/Reader)

It All Starts With A Wish (Chandler Riggs/Reader)

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Lexi Maximoff By 12fuvkyou Updated Oct 19

You lay in bed thinking about Chandler Riggs. Rolling over you click a few buttons on your laptop and pull up Netflix. Watching old episodes of Supernatural and The Walking Dead. Slowly you dose off until you hear a bang from downstairs that jolts you awake.

Sneaking out of your room you head downstairs. You hear a woman's giggle(A/N your mom left when you were young and you're 15 years old. Your dad brings new girls home every night) You roll your eyes and stomp upstairs. Looking at the time on your phone it's 2:00am. Clambering up onto your bed you slip under the covers and fall asleep.

*BEEP BEEP* You awake to the sound of your phone signaling you have a text.

~Yo! Get your lazy ass out of bed! I want Starbucks, and to find cute guys! 😙~ Amanda

Amanda was your best friend. She had long, curly, brown hair. Big, green eyes, always framed by long lashes and dark eyeliner. She was gorgeous.

~okay, okay, Manda! Give me an hour to get ready!~ you text back

'I hope I see Chandler' y...

When I saw the word "Supernatural" I was so happy that I feel off my bed.
SirJackson SirJackson Nov 03
Wait the walking dead's on Netflix!!!! *gets super excited and goes to Netflix and types in The walking dead* *cries self to sleep when it's not there*
Lol that's how my friends act to each other I could tell we will be very good friend
I feel that the relationship between us is moving to quickly
I completely ditched my friend Amanda and went with Chandler as I'd she didnt exist! Woops...
The_Swifty_5SOS_Girl The_Swifty_5SOS_Girl Dec 02, 2015
It's good but I think they kiss too soon. Sorry, but it's good!! :)