Scared of love

Scared of love

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Poppy Mendez has hardly had the best start in life. But she's been given a second chance at happiness.

Now living with the loved and respected Mendez family, Poppy is slowly, but surely coming out of her shell and she is happier than she's been in years. But it's all just too good to be true.

When a ghost from her haunted past makes an unexpected reappearance, everything in Poppy's life goes downhill.

Poppy finds in increasingly difficult to resist the strong shoulder to cry on of someone who is just as damaged as her. Even if that strong shoulder is her sexy new art teacher.

I always found it cool how us americans have "accents" to other people but it sounds normal for us kind of like what we thibk of British peoples accents which i happen to love❤❤🖒👌
Year 13?? In Australia it only goes to Year 12? Is there such thing as Year 13, lol I'm so confused