The official guide to love - By Dan Howell

The official guide to love - By Dan Howell

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Your mum. By Awonderwallofmystery Updated Oct 11, 2015

Entry 1- writer Dan Howell. 

Okay look I've always liked writing but this is ridiculous. 
Basically for my birthday Dad got me this stupid notebook thing and said that I should write down my thoughts more to stop my existential crisis'. 

My thoughts are not PG half the time. 

I'm Dan Howell btw. Known as danisnotonfire on YouTube and just the 'dork with the 2005 attempted emo haircut loser' to most of my friends. 

I live with my best friend Phil Lester and he's cool. 
*clears throat* 

So since I don't really want to write my thoughts down I thought why not do a sort of guide???
A guide to love to be more exact. 
Written by me and for me. 

Why would I need 'a guide to love' you might ask? 
Remember that Phil guy a few lines back?
Yeah. That's why I need a love guide.

sometimes i see people staring at me and i usually just look at them and raise an eyebrow or smile or something, but sometimes i'll just stare back. until a bit after they break eye contact. poker face. just. staring. 
                              it generally makes them rly uncomfortable
TheYellowSheep TheYellowSheep a day ago
Ooh.. Where can I buy myself an emo fridge? Cause I just have a normal one..
I'll try that w my senpai...
                              Except that i will never have courage to do it tho...
Fangirl_24-7 Fangirl_24-7 4 days ago
Same Dan. Except for me it's: I'm Satan and I'm a literal loser
VintageBby VintageBby Nov 22
Lol @ ppl saying they hate Harry styles bc they don't have a valid reason
Spreekachu Spreekachu Aug 29