In His Love... {Eternal Ishq #2}

In His Love... {Eternal Ishq #2}

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abdurRahman (Gudi) By abdofRahman Updated Jul 08, 2017

{Eternal Ishq Series - Book Two}

It is a must that the Book One 'In Your Love...' is read before you begin 'In His Love...'

~ A stunning Supermodel, a blue-eyed Playboy ~ 
~ A Hijabi fashion-designer, an Aalim entrepreneur ~   
     Also a simple girl and her well-known surgeon

Every tale is connected, every person is linked... the one knows the other, the other knows a third and the third happens to be the first one's brother while the fourth is undoubtedly the other's best friend... 
Capiche? No? ;P 

For the real summary, click inside ->

  • allah
  • beauty
  • death
  • dua
  • hope
  • kids
  • love
  • model
  • muhammadsaw
  • nikâh
  • peace
  • rich
  • spiritual
Lolyta93120 Lolyta93120 Oct 29, 2016
A Humaira 😢😢😢
                              Have patience and be the support Ahmed needs In Shaa Allah u will be rewarded😉😉
patientwoman patientwoman Sep 23, 2016
Assalamu'alaykum .. nice to know this account, keep sharing: > 👌👍, mmm i wanna ask you something .... what's the 'real beauty ' in your opinion? For example, real beauty is in our heart, not in our face  bcs blablablabla....... can you give me a 'deep' quotes about that? 😊 thankyouu before
fatu110 fatu110 Apr 17, 2016
Aslamwalaykum i was looking forward to a Saira Di story because i connected with her the most in the first book but my goodness George is even better 😂
bittersweet02 bittersweet02 May 05, 2015
@bittersweet02  @abdofRahman  that's true. and sometimes we read to make sense of the reality surrounding us. :)
wittycraze wittycraze May 03, 2015
Deep. woah I just really,really, really, really am blown away and inspired by the description in the end.
saa_naleem saa_naleem Apr 23, 2015
Amazing!!! Subhaanallah! Cant wait for the first chapter! ✨