What Happens in Vegas || Harlena #Wattys2016

What Happens in Vegas || Harlena #Wattys2016

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The next thing you know is your married in Vegas. 

Erica Miller and her two best best friends Lily Lopez and Anthony Valdez they decide to go to Vegas for spring break, to show Erica a great time, only because she so Innocent and doesn't do anything bad. Erica is a straight A student in college, she never goes out or party. growing up with two strict parents, she never had that fun until she started Uni last fall and now she a sophomore in Uni. Erica thinks this trip will be boring and just cause trouble while she up in Vegas. 

But she never knows what will happen the next day in Vegas. 

Harry Styles decide to go to Vegas for a little fun with his mates but little did he know the fun was going to end soon for him. and it was just a new beginning for him. Harry is your kinda guy who likes to fuck and have fun but soon he starts to fall in love with a girl, while in Vegas.

will Erica Miller and Harry styles collide together or fall apart. 

find out in "What Happens In Vegas" #Wattys2016

jiminnjams jiminnjams Mar 29, 2016
OMG!!!!! I legit just finished watching "What Happens in Vegas" and I come across this book!!! Loved the storyline..probably gonna love this book too ❤❤👏