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Famous Last Words! (Frerard fic, also a bit of Mikey/Ray)

Famous Last Words! (Frerard fic, also a bit of Mikey/Ray)

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Not everything is bad, just a huge portion of life fits into that category. You do the math.

*your friends* talking
                              *you* being quiet, minding your own business
                              *your teacher to you* DETENTION
Someone from my school got expelled for keeping knives in her bag
I have like 30 pens in my locker lmao
                              Knives and pens, anyone?
                              Some see a pen, I see a harpoon? Anyone?
                              Noone listens to TØP or BVB?
Same Gerard! My school has like 283939 billion windows or something and it sucks ass cause I get headaches from the sun, that and I just don't like the light. I mean cmon, black isn't that bad a color
I actually find listening to AC/DC quite soothing and I often listen to the Supernatural soundtrack when I'm revising or learning French vocab
Stop looking at franks dick okay we know is big but stop XD no actually don't stop go suck it