The Way It All Went Down (One Direction Story) ON HOLD

The Way It All Went Down (One Direction Story) ON HOLD

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"Get out and never talk to me again". I kind of regret saying that. I slammed the door to my bedroom and instantly dropped to the floor. 

He just stood there outside my door, pleading for me to let him in. So he could talk with me and so I could understand that it wasn't what it looked like. "I'm sorry babe. I was really drunk and didn't know what I was doing". I got up not wanting to hear anymore of what I thought were lies. 

I simply layed down on my bed crying and saying, "Please just go away and leave me alone". "Trish", he said starting to cry a bit. "Please give me a chance to explain". Tears were now rushing from my eyes at the mere thought of what he did. I was so angry and hurt, but I still loved him so much. I wonder if he still loves me? 

It hadn't always been this way. Slowly I caught myself drifting off to sleep and dreaming of when it all started.

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