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A Matter Of Time

A Matter Of Time

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Melissa By tall_girl Completed

Carl Sinclair is living the American dream: he has a run-down apartment on the wrong side of the city, his pay as a radio host is criminal to say the least, and he’s homosexual.

The first two Carl couldn’t care less about, but the latter he takes great pride in. Every club within a five mile radius know exactly who he is and the reputation he has amounted.

Men fight over each other to spend a night with him, and Carl loves it.

He despises the idea of soulmates and ever since a tragic event in his childhood, Carl refuses to become attached to anybody who would just leave him in the end.

Content with his life as a bachelor, Carl revels in the challenge when he meets the mysterious Nate. 

Similar to Carl, Nate has no interest in boyfriends or love, or in revealing anything about his life. 

But as they spend more time together, Carl unintentionally gets immersed in Nate’s life and before he knows it, Carl’s world is thrown into turmoil when he learns Nate’s secret.

A secret that will tear them apart in the end.

But when you've vowed to live the life of a bachelor, it was only a matter of time before love came calling. 

[Warning: Contains sexual content from the offset.]

*Third instalment in my bxb/mxm series. You do not need to read the previous two to read this one.*

Wow thanks for breaking my heart this early in the morning 😭😭😭😭
CuriousWhoops CuriousWhoops Jul 28, 2016
                              THATS SO COOL
HauntingMyLove HauntingMyLove Aug 22, 2016
You're sinful. I'm sinful. We're all sinful. You, lady, have ought to have known by now, we're all sinners.
starhavens starhavens Jul 17, 2016
Freaking hell man, I was about to sleep. Now, I want to cry and maybe bitch slap that lady. 😠😤
ScisaacMclahey ScisaacMclahey Dec 21, 2015
Overuse of the name Carl. You are allowed to say "him" "his" and other male pronouns..
MaRcusCs MaRcusCs Sep 11, 2015
I had no idea you were writing another bxb story until now.. I will start reading as soon as I stop my sterek obsession!