Only Mine

Only Mine

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DestinationUnknown By DestinationUnknown Updated May 27, 2015

WARNING: R-rated content. If you love a jealous, possessive, asshole caveman who is not afraid to be a bad guy and a girl that is feisty but innocent.

The hero, Jean, is not a bad boy. No, he is dangerous man. 
The heroine, Ella, is an innocent woman of 19 years who meets him and he changes her life forever. She's pulled into the mob life as she captures the interest of the head of the Renaud Crime Family, Jean. 

He's not a hero. He will not be redeemed. He's an anti-hero of sorts. He might have some parts you will grow accustomed to like, but you will hate him so many times. 
You will hate to love him but just like Ella, you will be sucked into his life and you will never wanna let go.

  • caveman
  • jealous
  • mafia
  • mob
  • noncon
  • possessive
meangel17 meangel17 Sep 19, 2017
Hindi is not our national language... Heck we don't even have a national language... If you don't know then please Google'll know then definitely... I hope I was not rude...
Lucifer0223 Lucifer0223 Apr 02, 2017
I really don't think what you ate saying is right......coz this is not what happens and specially not in Delhi..
MysteryFades MysteryFades Mar 13, 2017
I'm pretty sure Indian parents know how children are conceived. They're parents for a reason, and not because they held hands.
lalalahumtum lalalahumtum Oct 08, 2016
This is such a lame thing to write.  Many Indian parents actually trust their children. And yeah all of them were present in biology class. They know how girls get pregnant so yeah think 100 times before writing such bs
Orangekitty77 Orangekitty77 Mar 03, 2015
That's a lot of liquor, they'd be in the hospital 20 minutes into the movie...
DestinationUnknown DestinationUnknown Jan 14, 2013
@noodle_face Thank you so much :) Um.. yeah I don't know how to separate them as chapters on wattpad. Still figuring out how. Thank you so so sooooo much :D