Phan Oneshots

Phan Oneshots

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o hey im trash By PrincessDaniiel Updated Nov 09

Before I start I want to say that I DO NOT own the characters of Dan or Phil as this is fanfiction. This is also not a 'safe' fic, and does contain triggering issues. 

Ok you may like to preach that you don't ship phan but seriously. You have to. Just a little. Like even a little smidge. They're the perfect duo, I mean come on. Stop denying it! You do. 

And if you're already in the black hole of the Phandom, welcome! Prepare to have your heart torn from your chest and shattered into a million pieces on the floor because this will emotionally traumatise you :) 

A book (duh) filled with slightly crappy, smutty (ok not really nvm) adorable, sad and more sad oneshots.

(Most of them are sad but I'm working on it oK DON'T BULLY ME I FEEL SO VIOLATED)

Please feel free to PM me any requests as I have no imagination what so ever.

{Amazing cover designed and made by @_justanothersky_ }

im not just........i have something in my eye.......both of them......'sobs in corner because i get very emotional at 1:30 am '
eewalanis eewalanis Jun 18
Cancer by My Chemical Romance started playing and Im like HOWWWW!!?! NOOOO!!
Listen to her people, if you don't like, don't read those chapters, no harassment or hate
Only a few stories will ever make me cry. This one did. You did a good job.
*quickly hides face* what no! I-i didnt sign up for this feels roller coster please stop *sniffles* WHAT no i aint crying your crying *leaves* imma just go..craft....