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Your Job is What? - IwaOi (Finished)

Your Job is What? - IwaOi (Finished)

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Kaylee 💕 By kairipopa Completed

"Our next performer is... Iwaizumi Hajime!"

The crowd cheered. Oikawa almost dropped his glass of beer. His eyes were fixated on the dancer approaching the stage.

There was no mistaking it.

Iwaizumi is a pole dancer.

Thats horrifying I'm imagining the smile he gives hinata when hes angry ahhh XD
He cant even smile with out being scary I would hate to see him trying to be affectionate to someone lol
He thought about all that even he met him one time one the toilet? Man that's what I call love in first sight! Be brave Oikawa!
I just imagine Kags as a bartender that girls try to flirt with but he's just like LET ME DO MY JOB AND STIP FLIRTING WITH ME PLUS I SWING THE OHER WAy BiATcH
luisbloom luisbloom Aug 12, 2016
AbagahahhaBAGAHAHAHHAHAHAHA desperate times call for desperate measures
thebadlander- thebadlander- Jul 21, 2016
What if...
                              What if we run away?
                              What if...
                              What if we left today?
                              What if we said goodbye to safe and sound?
                              What if...
                              What if we're hard to find?
                              What if...
                              What if we lost our minds?
                              What if we left them fall behind
                              And they're never found?