Your Job is What? - IwaOi (Finished)

Your Job is What? - IwaOi (Finished)

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"Our next performer is... Iwaizumi Hajime!"

The crowd cheered. Oikawa almost dropped his glass of beer. His eyes were fixated on the dancer approaching the stage.

There was no mistaking it.

Iwaizumi is a pole dancer.

*a few drinks later*
                              Oikawa: ajslfjfncndndksks
                              Kageyama:Hinata make him shut up.
                              Hinata:I dont know how
No Oikawa. The pole isn't for strippers. (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
Thats horrifying I'm imagining the smile he gives hinata when hes angry ahhh XD
M-D-C-B-D M-D-C-B-D Aug 05
                              Also, a gay bar ? I always wanted to see a real one 'u'
Am I the only one to think that Kageyama's consideration for Oikawa actually backfired? 😂😂😂
He cant even smile with out being scary I would hate to see him trying to be affectionate to someone lol