Naruto: Tales of a Conquerer

Naruto: Tales of a Conquerer

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DovahkiinSamuel By DovahkiinSamuel Updated Apr 22, 2016

The cover was made by JustATeen63, it's pretty damn awesome, isn't it? Go check her out!

Naruto as a child was destroyed mentally as he was the container for what is widely proclaimed the strongest monster in existence. Shops never sold to him, he received beatings, but, despite all that, he loved his village and would die at a moments notice for it. That all changed when he was banished at the age of 12. Wandering around, he meets a group of pirates and trains in techniques never known before by shinobi. What will happen when he returns to the Elemental Nations?

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto nor do I own One Piece. This is a work of fiction and I may cross more anime/mangas with it, which I also don't own.

Warning: Rated R for language and violence. There will also be a very over-powered Naruto.

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