Grown(Book 2)

Grown(Book 2)

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B.O. Patrick By WereGirl007 Completed

I knew who my mate was the day I turned 16. It was my brothers best friend. Can you believe it? And I only had a second of happiness in knowing before he outright rejected me. It was horrible.
But being raped and locked up only to have it repeat the next day was unbearable. That was what I had to go through just a few years ago, and after a couple of weeks, I turned up pregnant. I was innocent before all of that. And I had thought that was the end of my life.

My parents wanted to get rid of 'it' the  'abomination' but she was mine, in all the best and worst ways. I kept her, my parents learned to accept her while I was still pregnant, my mom even cried when we first heard her heart beat.

When I turned 18, I thought my life was getting better, but I was wrong. But maybe, just maybe it will get better for me and my daughter.

"You are mine Gene! Get used to it!" He growled and him demanding it made me snap, I wasn't the little girl who begged him mentally to want her anymore. I had grown, matured way beyond ever begging him for help.

"No, you marked me on my 18th birthday! Then you left, without a note, or a call, or a goodbye! I am not yours anymore! I have my daughter to think about! And as much as I hate her biological father, I am glad she isn't yours!" I shouted in his face but when he grabbed me hard, not enough to hurt me, but enough to stop me, I slapped him so hard and dashed away. I don't need Jack Titan anymore!

chector53 chector53 Dec 20, 2016
I understand, this child is a part of you ,innocent as you were. Deserves a chance just as you do.
AnnaPrice9 AnnaPrice9 Jan 10, 2016
Oh goody goody!!! Gene's story!!! I'm super duper excited to read this!!!
justthatgirlXOxo justthatgirlXOxo Jun 09, 2015
I missed the premiere! But I can't wait until you update.. where are all the votes?
- - Jun 09, 2015
If? IF??? HA, girl we all know that is going to be your mate.!LOL plz update