Alphas Claim

Alphas Claim

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"You were made for me," he says while stroking my cheek. "You belong to me." He threads his fingers through my hair, then yanks my hair back making me gasp and look into his amber orbs. "But if you so much as talk to another man, I'll punish you. Then you will sit and watch me kill him. Slowly." I knew he was serious. Alpha Landyn Westman was always serious.

LeeAna Harrison was 17 when she first met her mate, Landyn Westman. He was 18 and the star of the school considering he was the next alpha. Landyn has been waiting for his mate since he was a kid. 

She couldn't avoid him forever, and he will never let her go.

WARNING: This is not a cliché werewolf story. The first ten chapters are dark. Prepare to feel mixed emotions. You have been warned.  


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