50 Shades of Pink // Larry

50 Shades of Pink // Larry

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Louis is the definition of Pink.
Pink skirts, pink jeans, pink clothes
Pink lipstick/lipgloss
Pink everything.
He also loves the feeling of being feminine
and girly.

Harry is the definition of Punk.
He wears snakebites
He wears the brow piercing
He has the tattoos
He wears the intimidating attire.

Pink and Punk.
A rather different combination
that worked.

I hope harry walks in and hit you go to Liam niall don't mess with another man's man
Us when Harry dropped his single yesterday: he shook the whole world. 😂😂😂
its perhaps, so it would be "Perhaps TopShop could be our always."
Legit wearing the tie dye "chill" yin yang shirt right now wtf
How TF is he buying all this shît with a paycheck from Starbucks