Alpha My Ass

Alpha My Ass

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Secrets By secrets0fmygrenade Updated May 08, 2017

Adrian isn't your typical shewolf. Born with alpha blood, but doesn't want to become future alpha? Doesn't like the fact she's destined to have a mate, especially not of her choosing. Hates how people specifically 'wolves' need an alpha to be guided. Why not do what you want? Every time someone hears her name instantly the thought 'A mistake'  pops up. That's until another pack moves near. Not a wolf pack. 

The Blood suckers. Exactly the vampires. Who told them that it was okay to move in their territory? 

This triggers something inside Adrian. Her wolf. Her alpha. If it's one thing she hates more than her 'kind' It those hot, tempting, bad ass blood suckers. What just happens when Possibly, One Is her mate?

" Their Alpha's Adrian." Mom yelled. 

" Yea.... Alpha My Ass." I smirked.

Mate...Or No Mate. Alpha....Or No Alpha.
 Adrian isn't having it. They've pissed off the wrong wolf.  ( Sneak Peek In Preview * Warning Sexual Content)

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Man I would have punched him and kicked him were the sun don’t shine also I would have slapped my mom
gomezlent1 gomezlent1 Aug 05, 2017
I wasn't planing on reading this right now. But my ass is stuck in bed
barbie66 barbie66 May 16, 2016
Great ....more for her to deal with wonder she is angry. ...her parents have a lot to answer for ...this is a huge  secret to keep from her ....😢😡😤😣
barbie66 barbie66 May 16, 2016
spuddette spuddette Sep 19, 2016
Currently loving this book already and only read 1 chapter keep it up :D
bmth102 bmth102 May 03, 2016
Damn like Skywalker  anyone... no just me and my nerdy self okay