The Virginity Games

The Virginity Games

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Nicole By tumbler2000 Updated Dec 28, 2017

Chloe Summers- I'm you're average teenage girl. I like to bow my head down and remain unseen by crowds. I'm beautiful, but I don't know it

Blaire Zanders- I have a secret. I payed a guy to tell everyone I slept with him so people wouldn't think I'm a virgin anymore. I'm labeled as a slut, but hey, I probably won't get picked for the games now. 

Rebecca Ross- I'm a nerd and I LOVE books. They are the key to my heart. And Kit Kats!

Tiffany Gold- shy but crazy around her friends. I look innocent, but I have kissed seven of the hottest guys in school. 

Lindsey Broms- Why the hell are people looking at me? Ya, I guess you could say I'm the bad ass

These are the five girls in the Virginity Games. None of them know it yet, but they might just change the games forever.
Alex- Baseball player
Josh- Flirt
James- Golden boy
Aidan- Leader, Bad ass

Those are the four virginators. They have taken 495 girls virginities and are after the last five of the school. What a way to end senior year.

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