This Isn't Real

This Isn't Real

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MiChA By CopperStorm Completed

(New cover credited to Hollaugh) 

Book 1 of (Real) Sunset Series 

Everything was normal, until that one day. With that one dream. And that one accident. Then everything started going downhill, or uphill depending on how you look at it. 

I don't own Transformers, only my OCs.

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PinkBunnyZ PinkBunnyZ Jan 18
Pfft. I don't even bother with my outfits. Just grab whatever I can. I mostly wear pajamas to school. . .oops?
                              They're comfy.
Kauflael12 Kauflael12 Apr 03
Why does this sound familiar.......oh yeah... that’s my life
lol so me
                              if i could i would stranngle them cause Ratchet was the Atobot medical officer and they just offlined him like it was nothing same with Jazz
RIGHT. IM SO PISSED AT THAT!!! NO TRANSFORMERS MERCH ANYWHERE I GO ITS JUST *Screams in anger as she throws and blast things. Optimus and the others hide to not get damage*
TransformersBookworm TransformersBookworm Dec 01, 2017
I have a stuffed bear I named Scruffy.I named him when I was 7 lol
Fr3ddi3Facili3r Fr3ddi3Facili3r Dec 15, 2017
My Shitzu does the exact same thing bax news is that my apartment is basically covered in carpet floors Yay 😡😠😂