This Isn't Real

This Isn't Real

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Micha By CopperStorm Completed

Book 1 of (Real) Sunset Series 

(New cover made by Hollaugh) 

Everything was normal, until that one day. With that one dream. And that one accident. Then everything started going downhill, or uphill depending on how you look at it. 

I don't own Transformers, only my OCs.

School is over and my English teacher almost never gave us homework. U guys r just lucky they might have been nice. My teacher was a douche
Did this slagger really just throw a Autobot insignia necklace ?????
Lunar_Prime Lunar_Prime Jul 25
First Jazz, then Ironhide, then Ratchet, then practically EVERY SINGLE BOT FROM THE ORIGINAL TEAM
Any homework I got from my English teacher was unfinished work from class, and he gave us a lot of time to finish it.
There is only 3 Transformers from the first movie in the movie now
20smithg 20smithg May 29
Named Benny. His holloween costume is a little silver jet with a little puppy im the cockpit.