This Isn't Real

This Isn't Real

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Micha By CopperStorm Completed

Book 1 of Sunset Series 

(New cover made by iloveanimeforev) 

Everything was normal, until that one day. With that one dream. And that one accident. Then everything started going downhill, or uphill depending on how you look at it. 

I don't own Transformers, only my OCs.

I like your music style linkin park is one my favorite bands
Good start! The bit with the dog is funny, I had one like that once, lol.
pika1239 pika1239 Nov 28
I've watched those movies waaaay to many times to read that in Optimus's voice perfectly
pika1239 pika1239 Nov 28
Oh ur so lucky, I have to deal with 3 big aft dogs barking loudly
pika1239 pika1239 Nov 28
IM WITH YA SISTER! When I saw that I almost cried  & the 5th time around I cried like a fraggin sparkling . HE WAS AWESOME!!
Isn't that what Optimus said in the begging of the first movie? XD