Scarves and Secrets- Phan AU

Scarves and Secrets- Phan AU

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They call me Wolfy. By _badwolf_girl Updated Feb 04, 2016

Fifth years Dan Howell and Phil Lester both lacked friends; both lacked family. Like two pieces that didn't quite fit in with the rest of the puzzle, they lived their lives, separated by their own fear and isolation. 

When their paths cross, they find comfort, shelter, and most importantly, a home. 

But something else is on the rise, something that is far beyond either of their control. Twenty years after the great Battle of Hogwarts, wicked justice will finally be served. And when they taste it, everything will change. 


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ashl_123 ashl_123 Aug 20
I've actually never even watched or read Harry Potter so we'll see how this goes
MusicMasta MusicMasta Aug 03
YEAAAAAS WEABOO WIZARD DAN CONFIRMED! (Now i know where he learned to swear lololol)
Arianasta Arianasta Apr 15
Okay why has nobody mentioned the fact that Dan's parents are muggles so he's probably adopted, how else could someone with muggle parents be in Slytherin?
My brain decided to stop working for a second and I thought you said  that Dan had a 15 year old son and I was extremely confused
Phantabulous123 Phantabulous123 Dec 25, 2016
I love how everyone is all like: "YEEE PHIL'S IN HUFFLEPUFF TOO" and I'm just like: "Well, I guess I'm waiting for someone to be in Ravenclaw.."