The alphas abused mate (boyxboy)

The alphas abused mate (boyxboy)

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Max's POV.

"Stop!" I screamed "Please....Stop" I covered my head as i was continually getting kicked "No.....You Desurve This Faggot." My brother said as he stopped kicking only to start punching me. This continued for the next two hours or so like it always did. When he stopped I tryed to stand to get to my bed but failed by tripping and falling back on my face. Once I had gotten to my bed I curled up in a ball and tryed to sleep but I knew that wasn't going to happen because of all the pain I was in but I still tryed. It wasn't always like this between me and my brother. We used to be really close until 8th grade. That's when he found my journal where I kept my biggest secret. That I was gay. After my brother found out he told my parents and they came to my room to ask me if it was true and I told them it was they, left and we never saw them again. That's why my brother beats me, he blames me for what happened. And it's true, it is my fault this happened, it's my fault they left.


I was listening to that song like 10 minutes ago it's awesome
destiel29 destiel29 Jul 14
I honestly feel it's the parents fault like WTF who just leaves their kids based on their sexual orientation! ( p.s DON'T BE A SNITCH )
dizziebloop dizziebloop Dec 16, 2016
His brother's in really good shape to do that for 2 hours? Doesn't he ever get bored? Wouldn't it be monotonous after awhile?
ElijahBruce ElijahBruce May 20, 2016
No it's not it's your parents fault for putting themselves above there own children.
"Olivia,  he needs your help." Sounds like something Dora would say.
cyanidestealer cyanidestealer May 28, 2016
How is it that there is no one Luke this where I live... And if I ever did like them they were either douche bags, not interested, or have a gf