Bad Boys Kidnapped Me

Bad Boys Kidnapped Me

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Bad ass Katrina Mores.  Beautiful, stubborn, rule breaker and has a potty mouth. But she has a dark secret, something she's been hiding for a very long time. 

Bad boy, Ryder Black is selfish, stubborn, dominant, over protective, arrogant and has incredibly bad anger management issues. He's also a gang leader. 

When Ryder and his bad boy best friends collide with Katrina. All hell breaks lose. 

Which includes  kidnapping Katrina.


(The story is a bit rocky at first but it gets better)

mano2052 mano2052 Jun 01
I forgot the name to the disorder and I'm to lazy to search it up.. all I remember is that it's're welcome
Eating don't help. I eat non-stop and I gain a few pounds a year.
One_Beautiful_Lie23 One_Beautiful_Lie23 Apr 22, 2016
Ok, if I wasn't so worried about getting in trouble, that would be me
CattyMash CattyMash Dec 08, 2016
Am I the only who noticed this is a double negative meaning his apologies mean something?
BecauseLifeIsTooGood BecauseLifeIsTooGood Apr 07, 2016
For once I'd really like to see a 'bad boy' character that isn't him.
t-i-r-e-d t-i-r-e-d Nov 19, 2016
I sit and I sleep then I get woken up by the teacher he tries to give me a 'hard' problem and I just scribble the right answer on the board and walk back to my seat in the pack tiredly shock is on the teachers face and I draw a picture then go back to sleep until the next period