Arrested with the Bad Boy (ON HOLD)

Arrested with the Bad Boy (ON HOLD)

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Kenadee By OutOfMyLimit17 Updated May 19, 2017

Life for Katie Baret was simple: go to school, do homework, study, binge watch Netflix, try to remain the invisible nerd in high school. It was all working until she bumped into someone she tried hard to avoid...Luke Wheeler.

Luke Wheeler, the guy every girl wanted and the one guys hated. After something terrible happened to him he turned into someone you didn't want to ever bring around to your family. He smoked, drank, did trouble at school, slept around. He was everything a good girl like Katie avoided. 

But what neither of them expected was for their lives to be thrown off track. Neither thought an arrest would make them even closer and heal what was broken. 

A crazy, funny, surprising, love story.

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TheLovelyPanda TheLovelyPanda Jun 17, 2017
I was given detention once for chewing gum in class in middle school. Didn't go. Now, I am known for always having gum since I chew gum when I feel anxious.
Laura62842 Laura62842 May 11, 2017
Isn't it better to park in the back? At my school its so hard to leave the parking lot after school with all the parents tryingt to pick up their kids and then everyone trying to leave at the same time
geenaG geenaG May 12, 2017
Can't wait to read it! While I absolutely love TMAHA and TMAHO, it'll be fun to read something cliche and lighthearted 😆
LiveLikeMe786 LiveLikeMe786 Jan 06, 2017
                              NETFLIX WHILE HOME WORK MY LIFE
                              Nah who am I kidding i am a party animal
MyTimeWasYesterday MyTimeWasYesterday Mar 30, 2016
Where the heck do ya fricking live to be an underground street fighter? Like dang..
SplendidGlory SplendidGlory Nov 19, 2015
This just described my first love.. wow it kinda funny when I look back haha keep going with the story sound good and fun :)