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mindless love

mindless love

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Marissa. By marissa_mindless Completed

this story is about a girl named yn (yn means yourname) how she was bullied at first but then the bully starts to fall for here a lil snippit  yn:stop it plz!! ray: shut up h@x  *slap u* prince: *punches u in the stomache*  roc: hahaha prod: *kicks u* ray: *thoughts:im so sorry to yn shes so beautiful her eyes her lip snap out of it ray!!* yn: *cryin*
*warning* this was my first book
First off, thank you to anyone who is about to read or have read it already  and I did write this book in 5th grade. I don't feel as if this book deserves to be continued because their is no plot, no character no growth and that as a writer now I feel is needed. I do have a book in the making so do keep your eyes out. I'm very happy with the recognition this book has gotten me and if for any reason I get the desire to continue this book it will be under major editing and a different format, better writing , etc. Thank you for your time.
                                  yours truly,

💀😂😂😂💀 I don't understand it thats why it's funny
Nae_thebaddie143 Nae_thebaddie143 Jul 04, 2016
Can i get a frappe mc chicken chicken nugget fries fvck it the whole damn place
Nae_thebaddie143 Nae_thebaddie143 Aug 20, 2016
Your taking detention for me and you doing my homework and classwork all year bitch
Javine_dismukes Javine_dismukes Jun 30, 2016
One of motherfukas would dead or at least getting ass beat while was getting beaten up by them... Fr..
he_show_love he_show_love Jul 18, 2016
Ray probably like her but he don't wanna tell her so he just hit her n his friends follow after him
MindlessAlphacat1621 MindlessAlphacat1621 May 30, 2016
Oh I get it! Ray is not trying to be a bully, he's following his friends. At my school, Teachers always say be a leader not a follower.