12 and pregnant best mistake

12 and pregnant best mistake

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hi my name is Lilyana Drew Beiber Yea Yea bieber 

I'm 12 years old I made some bad choices and got pregnant u wanna know what happens next then read

Sequel is up guys it's called 
Just Another life (sequel to 12 and pregnant best mistake )

nya_12 nya_12 May 05
Uh can u make it where its lk "wen they tlk plz" nd also u cant b pregnant the nxt night after u do it😐
What parents would let their 12 year old kids sleep on the same bed together? Maybe if they would have kept them in different beds or room she wouldn't be pregnant
bluexspark bluexspark Jun 18
This is really weird. Why wouldn't the mom talk to her daughter about it before. Like, she is there to protect her daughter.
JJohnson75 JJohnson75 May 01
I just kept repeating what over and over while trying not to laugh
dani_dance3 dani_dance3 Mar 16
Luv the story but you can't be pregnant just after one night
lexy369 lexy369 Jun 05
Btw I'm really not trying to be rude I'm just letting you know. And btw the defintion of fetus is unborn baby so yes it may be a fetus but it's still a baby. Anyway. I'm just saying you don't know yet. Unless you're one of those women with like five kids and you just know when you're pregnant lol