Little Saint Bride #wattys2016  [Death and the Maiden, #1]

Little Saint Bride #wattys2016 [Death and the Maiden, #1]

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Every ten years, the God of the Underworld takes a bride.
This year, she's a shade different to those before her.

In the Kingdom of Minoa, a sacrifice of a virgin girl is given to the Death God as part of an ancient tradition. She's accompanied by a male sacrifice, intended to be her guardian so that she can reach the Underworld safely. When Nerissa, a bold and beautiful young woman, volunteers to be the bride, she forfeits her human life. Along with her less-than-capable guard, Mercer, they make their way to the palace of the Underworld, where everyone expects this bride to be rejected, like every other.

Thankfully, Nerissa isn't the type of girl to worry about rejection, virginity, or-- anything anyone thinks, really. She's volunteered to become the famous Little Saint Bride for another reason-- to investigate the mysterious murders going on in Minoa, and the rumours of an army of the dead. 

Hell is dangerous, and she'll need to use every ounce of cunning and smarts to survive. Nerissa can't even trust her new husband, the Lord of the Underworld and Death himself. But as she finds herself playing the role of his lover, she soon finds that attraction is difficult to stop. 

Death is extremely charismatic.
And it might just save his life.

Liabel-C23 Liabel-C23 Aug 16
Just read the whole book once again on inkitt, so excited for you to reach 100 reads. I really hope you make it
I've read the summary and I must admit dear, I am EXCITED to begin this wondrous adventure, entering another world of spun words...
Drogoness Drogoness Mar 04
Hi, I would message you personally but Wattpad hates me. If you could please check out my book Traitor Of Blood And Heart, when you get a chance. Everyone is free to read it, duh, but I really need to know about grammtical errors or things you think I should change. THANKS!!!!!!
Wait, I clicked reserve a copy, but what happens now? Is it online or a real book? I don't think I can get a real book at the moment. And I don't want to reserve something for myself that I'll finish too quickly. (I'm a fast reader ;-;)
cjnerdling cjnerdling Aug 15
I did it and will help! Already told three friends and they love it!
Reserved! Ahhh reading it again gave me such a warm feeling of nostalgia 😍😍Love the book and cant wait for more, I really do hope you win, you really do deserve it !❤❤❤