The Disabled Girl (Being Edited)

The Disabled Girl (Being Edited)

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Lucy Heartfillia was a normal 10 year old girl. She was happy and had a wonderful time with her family. That is, until one day she gets in an accident. Lucy and her parents are taken to the hospital, with Lucy being the most injured one. Unfortunately, something horrible has happened to her parents; along with Lucy legs. She can no longer walk and has been in a wheelchair for 5 1/2 years. 

Lucy was never really the same after what had happened. What happens when she goes to FT High and meets a pink haired boy? 

Find out. 

((Note: When I wrote this, I was a new writer. So I'm warning you, it escalates quickly and is kinda bad. I'll be editing this soon.))

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You had to kill her parents!!!!!!!! Like just why??? :( Btw great first chappie)
Gabriella_Love890 Gabriella_Love890 May 11, 2017
Lucy was more injured? She just lost her legs… Her parents died 😭
X-ringofshadows713-X X-ringofshadows713-X Jun 05, 2017
( ;^; ) I am a survivor of two car accidents, so I can relate to this too well. ( ;^; )
- - Sep 16, 2016
"Out of all of them Lucy was the most injured"
                              *parents die* *Lucy lives*
                              Yeah they were much less injured
Fairytail-215 Fairytail-215 Dec 19, 2016
Wait I thought her injuries were worst than anyone else's?
                              So..death is basically the littlest injury I'm so confused
Moanafriendofthesea Moanafriendofthesea Sep 10, 2016
                              Happy: YAY MORE ME!!!