The Alpha and the White Wolf

The Alpha and the White Wolf

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Jamaican_Otaku By Jamaican_Otaku Updated Jul 13, 2016

Mia's POV
About 10 years ago:

LA DA Dee! Playing princess is sooo fun! Although, it gets a little lonely, ever since mom and dad died two weeks ago. *Starts crying sadly*

"Get the hell down here, you b*tch!" I was so frightened, for I had never been spoken to so harshly before. 

I quickly dried my tears and went down the stairs, only to feel a stingy sensation across my cheek.

Tears filled my eyes and stained my rosy cheeks and my 6 year old self unable to understand why this was happening to me.
I continued to cry until I was delivered another blow, which sent me to my room, in fear.

*Present Day*

Sh*t! It's 5: 30a.m.

I should have been awake an hour ago! Waking up at 4 am is ridiculous for anyone especially since it's my birthday. But for me it's everyday life. 

I took a quick shower and rushed into the kitchen. I hurriedly took out extra large packages of pancake mix, eggs and sausages.

It's 7am now, and I could already hear some of the pack members co...

Shbubbas Shbubbas May 07
Well damn lol .every other book loves to big up pack life😂