The Alpha and the White Wolf

The Alpha and the White Wolf

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Jamaican_Otaku By Jamaican_Otaku Updated Jul 13, 2016

Mia's POV
About 10 years ago:

LA DA Dee! Playing princess is sooo fun! Although, it gets a little lonely, ever since mom and dad died two weeks ago. *Starts crying sadly*

"Get the hell down here, you b*tch!" I was so frightened, for I had never been spoken to so harshly before. 

I quickly dried my tears and went down the stairs, only to feel a stingy sensation across my cheek.

Tears filled my eyes and stained my rosy cheeks and my 6 year old self unable to understand why this was happening to me.
I continued to cry until I was delivered another blow, which sent me to my room, in fear.

*Present Day*

Sh*t! It's 5: 30a.m.

I should have been awake an hour ago! Waking up at 4 am is ridiculous for anyone especially since it's my birthday. But for me it's everyday life. 

I took a quick shower and rushed into the kitchen. I hurriedly took out extra large packages of pancake mix, eggs and sausages.

It's 7am now, and I could already hear some of the pack members co...

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  • revenge
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  • werewolf
MariaManuele1967 MariaManuele1967 Nov 10, 2017
How the he'll do they do this to her stap her with a knife, I hope she can get out from thus pack also some to train her to fight better
Shbubbas Shbubbas May 07, 2017
Well damn lol .every other book loves to big up pack life😂