How To Tame A Bad Boy ✔︎

How To Tame A Bad Boy ✔︎

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❝He's on his phone, texting like maybe seven different girls. That man whore, I feel sorry for that poor girl he falls in love with. She's going have to deal with all that, but kudos to her for taming the bad boy. 
   My dream has to leave something at school that people will remember me by. Then I had a moment where an imaginary light bulb went over my head.. What if I tame the poor bastard.❞

Meet Ashley Wilson, a normal student at Malibu High School. She was no one special but she knew enough people so she wasn't a complete loner either. 

Tyler Hunter, Malibu High's bad boy. Greek God. Sexy as hell. Doesn't care about the law. The hump and dump kind of person. 

Ashley plans to break Tyler's heart, to give him a piece of payback for every single girl's heart he's broken.
Her plan includes: teasing, flirting, playing hard to get all for one goal.
Ashley Wilson will tame the bad boy. 

Who will fall first? Ashley or Tyler?

Sometimes a bad boy can be good for the right girl.

My best friend and I have been friends since we were 3. Beat that 😏
I'm I the only one seeing these 'Heather' references?😂😅
jackietsh jackietsh Jul 16
Sorry but before I start this one too plz can you tell me that the boy or the girl wouldn't die 'cause the last one broke my heart 
                              And guys I'd you did read it plz read it it called "who ever falls in love first loose"
How come you didn't put this paragraph, where the character enters school? It would sound a better, at least that is how I'd put it.
                              ((This is just helpful criticism! Please do NOT be offended or hurt by this!))
childoftrap childoftrap Oct 05, 2016
skinny jeans,converse, don't give a damn attitude, aaannd her favorite subject is lunch 
                              she is most def my spirit animal
emanbar emanbar Apr 30, 2016