He's a nobody... Right?boyxboy

He's a nobody... Right?boyxboy

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☜☾•ᗩᐯᗩ•☽☞ By That_One_Girly_Girl Updated Jul 01, 2016

Brandon Salway is your average jock. Football, basketball, baseball, you name it-he plays it. But Brandon has a secret. He's gay, and the worst part of it all, he's in love with Peyton Gents, the boy he bullies. 

Peyton Gents is your cliché gay nerd. Thick black framed glasses, long blonde hair, and friends who's lives consists of sitting in front of a Play Station all day. He used to love going to school, that is until Brandon and his homophobic friends started bullying him nonstop.

But what happens when Peyton's dad starts working for Salway Inc? Or when Brandon and Peyton's dads have dinner with their families at each others houses every other night? Will Brandon's true feelings be revealed? Or will he keep them bottled up forever? After all, high school graduation is just around the corner...

Oh my god he is so adorable I want to protect this boy with all my heart. I shall refer to him as " My baby " and I love him so much ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Alittum Alittum May 30
That hilarious moment when you have one straight friend. One. And they're aromantic.
Is it me or am I the only one who think that Kayla might secretly like Ava just a little I don't know I just have a feeling
ghosttywisp ghosttywisp May 30
I'm listening to MCR rn and I love how we all thought the same thing
Such a cutie😍😊 I just wanna hug him! Woah woah woah! Did I say that? Wtf? Meh. He really is cute.
Why would you daydream of a child when you could daydream of BTS or Black Pink or Got7 or Red Velvet or Monsta x or MAMAMOO or NCT or IOI or EXO           or.. you get the point right?