Kacey Stevens (short story)

Kacey Stevens (short story)

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hello By yabookaddiction Updated May 02, 2015

With a depression and anxiety disorder, Kacey Stevens has always had problems with making friends and leaving her house, even at 14 years old. 

With a normal past and an unsure future, Kacey wonders if the day when she feels better is worth waiting for. 

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(This is just a short story I decided to write a while ago but didn't publish it. Now I kind of think it would be cool to let you all see, so enjoy!)

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Angel143Bae Angel143Bae Apr 04, 2017
Ik this is a late comment but I'm sooooo sorry that u have to go thru this, it rlly sucks❤️️❤️️❤️️I'm a biggggg fan of urs and I hope u know that u can come to any of ur fans at any time when u wanna talk bc we love u (as our friend lol)and we don't want u to go thru this alone!!!
- - Jun 09, 2015
I had no idea you are going through this. I'm so proud of you tbh. And I
                              those two times that you slipped, it's okay. Because relapse is necessary to recover xx
- - Jun 09, 2015
That is awesome. She found motivation. The butterfly project didn't work for me sadly but I found something else that did
- - Jun 09, 2015
I went to a youth shelter once and on the day of a family session, my Mom broke down crying because she felt useless when it came to helping me and then I felt worse because I don't know how to comfort her when she cries and I knew it was my fault that she was crying and over all it was terrible
- - Jun 09, 2015
same here haha. I can text but I can't keep a person to person conversation. or even phone call conversation
_blue_bookworm_ _blue_bookworm_ Apr 29, 2015
This is beautiful, Sarah. You've mentioned once of your anxiety and depression in PM, but I never knew that it was that serious, and I hope you know that wherever you need to talk that I am here. I seriously love you to pieces (as a friend lol). And by the way, Kacey is such a cool way to spell it!