The Girl With the Scars

The Girl With the Scars

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/ / Stock·holm syn·drome (noun) / /
feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.


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Aye_Itz_Renee Aye_Itz_Renee Dec 02, 2016
Why did I think of Ashton Irwin..... Most likely because i just read a story about him
Makorra_nation Makorra_nation Apr 13, 2016
You just need to remember that if you were a mistake, your father made that mistake, but, you are the best mistake that has ever happened to your mom.
Oo_c00ki3_monst3r_oO Oo_c00ki3_monst3r_oO Nov 20, 2016
Would you like to feel my leg...
                              On your family jewel?
crowreyyy crowreyyy May 23, 2016
my dad told me he hated me and when my mum yelled at him he said fine i strongly dislike you. i was 7 and i was like k ur opinion dont matter anyway 😂
Oo_c00ki3_monst3r_oO Oo_c00ki3_monst3r_oO Nov 20, 2016
When wattpad family is the only family not pushing you to do something
xiamsamanthax xiamsamanthax Jul 07, 2016
am I the only one that doesn't care that my parents basically hate me ? 
                              I'm moving out as soon as I turn 18 byee