Streetwhore | Ereri

Streetwhore | Ereri

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Eren is a poker playing millionare and Levi is a poor streetwhore. It's Eren's first time hiring a whore, and Levi is just happy to get some money. Eren shows way more interest in him than expected though, and Levi sees this as a perfect opportunity to get a huge amount of money.



Boy x Boy

if you don't like then kindly fuck off :3


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Most women in casinos aren't that horny really... I live in Las Vegas and most the ladies I pass in casinos are too busy getting drunk, gambling, or adjusting their corsets to be worried about sex. Gotta pay for college somehow
Ahhhhhh hes probably rustyyyy hes gonna embarrass himselfffff
CielElric CielElric Jul 13
Okay, so all these b!tches must be horseback riders to be with Jean.
They're people too they don't belong to you hahaha you sex consumed ásshole
CielElric CielElric Jul 13
I swear Jean messing with all these wh•res is gonna make it so he has as many creepy crawlies as an actual horse. Smh
Of course not. He's a respectable billionaire, he has no need of plebes in his bedchambers. There are men and women lined up at his door for that.