Janey Raymond's Games One-Shot

Janey Raymond's Games One-Shot

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Ian Hall By flame6696 Updated Jan 12, 2013

The pedastool rises from the tubes and I see the cornucopia lying in a huge puddle of water.All the weapons are stashed inside it. The clock counts down and the horn sounds and the 72st Hunger Games have begun.

I run and jump in the water and swim towards the entrance of the cornucopia. I see the weapon i was most sucessful in training in the mouth... a vest and knifes. I swim up to them and grab them as fast as I posssibly can. I grab them and the next thing that crosses my mind is getting on land. Thats my best chance to camp out and hide.

I turn around and 2 careers spot me and I swim as fast as I can to shore. I reach land and pull myself up and the carrer spull themselves up and I start running for the hills. I dart in between trees and i can ehar their footsteps getting closer. District 7 is known for lumber so if I can find my way back to the cornucopia, i can seee if their is one there.

I see a huge puddle and pirhana mutts spitting out of the water, i dart right and run int...