Male x Male!reader yaoi oneshots and lemons

Male x Male!reader yaoi oneshots and lemons

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Kazumi Tachibana By KaZuMi_TaChIbAnA Updated Jan 29, 2016

Here are some oneshots and lemons/smutts for you guys~ 

You can request any Male with a reader!!!

You can even chose what they might be like!


I really don't know if you got that but, alright

Male x male

|( ̄3 ̄)|

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earthgod2121 earthgod2121 4 days ago
Can you do a creepypasta offenderman smut were male reader is the dom and he's the submissive one
Beansannii Beansannii Sep 23
When you realize hiro is still in the room and recording all this stuff
CoffeeShark CoffeeShark Oct 05
You sly dog
                              Watching porn on Hiro's computer to frame him if the browser history doesnt get deleted.
                              But, you watching normal porn or hentai?
I imagined him saying NAAAAMMMMEEEE (literally), but in slow motion X'D
I'm a gay dude. I can read this and nosebleed all I want. ;3
Its not a fetish more of an interest that we spend 5+ hours at night watching reading and searching for men with men being cute and sexy together or just cuddiling, or it could be a fetish Idk but I don't judge