O P E N  ~ Drarry fanfic

O P E N ~ Drarry fanfic

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I'm just a nobody By TransManGayGuy Updated Nov 15

There were two boys who met at a robes shop and the soon fell in love. One wore his heart on his sleeve, the other's covered up. If you want a plot twist, and you ship Drarry at best, then click on this story and meet the boys who fell in love one noon.

Saal_DMeowS Saal_DMeowS 4 days ago
i literally just put down my laptop and had a freak out whilst half screaming "WHAT?!" over and over. dude, HAGRID IS THE BIGGEST SWEETHEART. HOW DID YOU BRING YOURSELF TO CALL HIM RUDE AND HAVE HARRY NOT LIKE HIM?
I dont know if to be happy because this might lead to drarry or be pissed because harry's being a prick
Oh Lucius you can never get over your bias ways can you? Even in a bloødy fan fiction
uh oh .... I don't think that I like this harry very much.... I love the story so far though...
I just don't like the way Harry is treating people I mean he's been through the bullying and rudeness he wouldn't want that for people especially Dobby he's been through the same as Dobby and doesn't want Dobby to be treated the way he was
rosymckenna rosymckenna Apr 15
Everyone's talking about Voldemort and i was like 'oh he can read it coz he's draco's soulmate obvs'