Elementalists (completed)

Elementalists (completed)

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Blitz Ann Boardel has finally reached the coming age. The day she gets something she's been waiting for, something she's longed for her whole life.

Her element.

But.....what element will she get? 

Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Ice, Lightning, Metal, or Earth?

A\N Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

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Why did the author say that the glass is made by fire and earth, isn't made by lightning and earth, not trying to be a know it all
Sangnhao Sangnhao Oct 15
                              here's how you die from a toaster.
                              1. Stick your big head in it.
                              2.Put it in the toilet
                              3. Stupidity
Belle_Ciera Belle_Ciera Oct 03
Well, my teacher always said, when writing a book, pull the reader in with an interesting start.
I thought it said Dead City instead of Dendo City and I was like WHAT!?!?
Sangnhao Sangnhao Oct 15
You have been warned
                              lesson: NEVER EVER MESS WITH A TOASTER
Nalu_best Nalu_best Nov 05
How? Just how do you do that? By the way earth's in the summery twice