Dee for Death.  `a romance to die for .

Dee for Death. `a romance to die for .

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Mary By marymouse Updated Jan 06, 2011

"Who are you?" She whispered, her eyes slowly fading.

He looked at her limp body and answered, "Death." 

Dee is special. He brings death. He is death. He thinks he has everything figured out. 

Until he meets Amber. 

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trensetta trensetta Apr 11, 2011
@Red_Snow Galore is so a word, tell your friends that they can just shut it, lol. It means in abundance, duh!
Red_Snow Red_Snow Apr 08, 2011
@trensetta Oh My God i say 'galore' too i say it around my friends and they say its not a word but they can shut their mouths cuz i have prof 
trensetta trensetta Mar 30, 2011
I like it. Grammatical errors galore, but the plot is good. Love the cover too.
Lexylovely Lexylovely Mar 20, 2011
Um you keep swtiching from her to I. 
                              You need to either to write from first person or from third person. Other than  that, I liked it. 
oceanspiritr0ck3 oceanspiritr0ck3 Jan 07, 2011
Jesus, I wish we could use Angels like that instead of us Reapers. Our job is so much harder. Can they die? Hmmm...
RosemarieHathaway RosemarieHathaway Oct 19, 2010
A few spelling mistakes, like 'angles' instead of 'angels'. And also you could use a lot more description on the surroundings, like think of the five senses if you feel like it...but other wise I love it :D It's very very good