Blurred | Lines

Blurred | Lines

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She has always held the world in her hands. Especially when it comes to Dauntless and everything and everyone in it. She's entitled to it, or so she believes because of who's last name and genes she carries in her blood. But she fights for it, because she calls it home. And they welcome her. They accept her. No one dared treating her wrong, because they knew who exactly she was.

Except for Eric. 

He's always been able to strike fear into even the eldest of people. No one dared disrespect him, especially without suffering a consequence. No one's ever been able to resist his threats, his attitude, his everything. His being kept people away. And that was just how he wanted it. No one dared to speak to him.

Except for Lillian.

Lillian is the daughter of the Dauntless leader, Max. She's always been aloud to do what pleases her, until Eric storms into the picture as her instructor. Her supervisor, and more importantly, the one who her life as a Dauntless depends on. He chooses whether she stays or she goes, and he revels in that. She despises the fact he holds her very lifeline as a Dauntless in his hands. But she obeys, because her life rides on his decision, despite who her father is.

Eric's hellbent on breaking her and making her into a soldier.  Something stronger than she is, something perfect in his eyes, something to revel in. A dangerous weapon is what he wants. And slowly, as he turns her to that, she becomes drawn to something more.

But she's also bent on figuring the man who works with her father out. She's bent on defining him, on finding his horizon between man and soldier, what makes him tick and even what doesn't. It's his enigmatic nature that draws her in, but slowly she's becoming unrecognizable to the surface. But she's willing to lose herself.

But for both of them to get what they want, they've got to blur the lines between Instructor and Initiate, between business and pleasure, between life and even death.

[A Divergent Fanfiction. Eric/OC]

A thorned Rose underneath her left breast that signifies her dead aunt that was named rose and a dove on the left side of her collar bone.
Like Ksenia Solo she has beauty marks scattered across her pale face and neck
Shade_Rider Shade_Rider May 14
Angel wings on my back, key on my finger, a dragon around my neck, and "a lone" behind my ear
Shade_Rider Shade_Rider May 14
White hair, parents deceased, no brothers or sisters, and over protective of friends
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I cant be the only person that thought of James potter... 😂