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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (A Spanking Story)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (A Spanking Story)

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buttermilk23 By buttermilk23 Updated Sep 02, 2015

Cath is a rebellious 15-year-old girl who lives with her step-brother Dylan. Since her mom passed away and her step-dad gone missing, Dylan became Cath's guardian. 

Cath transfered school to Eastside Academy, where Dylan works as a teacher. Cath tends to get into trouble in her teenage life. She doesn't like rules. But unfortunately for her, living with Dylan means living with tons of rules. 

On the other hand, Dylan loves her step-sister so much, but he couldn't stand her attitude. She breaks every single rules he made. So, he decided to punish her the old-fashioned way to get her sister in line; spanking her. He hates doing it, but if it's the only thing he could do to make her sister behave, then he would do it.

In Eastside Academy, Cath met her old partner in crime, Maddie. Cath and Maddie, with their journey of breaking rules and pulling pranks, will they getting off the hook? Or Dylan will make them pay the price?

Warning: Contains non-sexual spanking, foul languange

LazyLady2020 LazyLady2020 Oct 13, 2016
this story is getting awesome so far please continue write this one pretty please finish it.
I would have brought up her mom. Just to Dee if he would spank me more
_thats_me_hoe_ _thats_me_hoe_ Feb 13, 2016
If I were this woman, I'd be stupid, and be all like,
                              "Look a flying pig" and point and the window. Then I'd run out of the class and be all like "All I want is my oreos and pancakez!"
AshtonJey AshtonJey Dec 06, 2015
People from "I didn't do it." XD I love that show! Man for the things they do on that show if their parents spanked, they be getting it everyday. LOL.
buttermilk23 buttermilk23 May 01, 2015
@Psparkle022 thank you so much! it's really an honour you read my story :') <3 and yes! I know right!! I'm crazy over him!! ♡♡♡ xD
Psparkle022 Psparkle022 May 01, 2015
Omg it's soooo good! And as I've said before, any story with Ian Somerhalder is a good story xD