Unhealthy Romance

Unhealthy Romance

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Rebbi By Auburn_Ivy Completed

Stuck in a school bus in the middle of nowhere, what else could go wrong? 

How about a bunch of unexplained things happening and only to one girl first?! 

Sky's you're normal teanage girl but maybe there's more instore for her then she thought. Her best friend disapreared for a year, no word to sign until he showed up again like nothign had happened....yet he went into ignoring her and she could do nothing about it. 

Derry has secrets of his own though, one's that he really doesn't want Sky to find out but of course one that involves her life and everyone elses. 

But is Sky closer to the truth then Derry thinks? Will he tell her? Will she be able to survive? And what is this thing after them, what conection does it have to Sky and/or Derry not including the other three marked students. 

Who's gonna die?

(Ok there's gonna be two parts to the story or three so this is just the description for part one!)

  • blood
  • bus
  • coach
  • crash
  • crazy
  • daisy
  • dead
  • death
  • derry
  • distroyed
  • fall
  • fear
  • fight
  • forest
  • forget
  • friends
  • gay
  • ghost
  • hand
  • hate
  • help
  • hope
  • kiss
  • life
  • love
  • luke
  • mark
  • mary
  • night
  • others
  • over
  • push
  • romance
  • run
  • save
  • scared
  • scream
  • secrets
  • shear
  • shoulder
  • sky
  • teen
  • thing
  • think
  • troy
  • trust
  • vision
  • watching