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Begin Again

Begin Again

224K Reads 4.7K Votes 19 Part Story
Reese. By ReesaBabz Completed

Jessica took a deep breath and ran a hand through her long dark hair. "Alex do you even hear yourself right now?  Dont you see she's trying to pull us apart?" I could see the frustration and tears building in her eyes. This isnt what i wanted. How did it all get so bad? "Jess i love you okay and believe me i wont ever let anything pull us apart. why wont you believe me when i say there's nothing going on?" "Because that's not the TRUTH!"  She chuckled and ran a hand over her face. She stood up and grabbed her bag, "I dont think you realize it, but slowly we're drifting apart and that's exactly what she wants. So before i can give her the satisfaction; maybe we should just break it off." My eyes widened as she put on her shoes and left out the condo. I felt like my whole heart shrivelled and died right there.     Its been 3 years and Alex and Jessica are back still happy with each other.... or so it seems. Everything is calm and their both carefree and enjoying their new lives. But what happens when a thing of the past comes to haunt them? Will their love be enough for them to find their way back to each other and Begin Again? Only one way to find out :)

helpwantedneeded helpwantedneeded Jun 01, 2016
I want a life like that someday not necessarily where I'm busy all the time but I just want to chill with my girl ya know
LuckyRed9 LuckyRed9 Jun 22, 2013
very nice first chapter, but im not sure about jessicas friend cam, i mean she was nice but seemed kind of upset that jess was leaving, and alex's secretary just flirty or more?
Lion_and_Tiger Lion_and_Tiger Feb 07, 2013
Oh, how I hate you....
                              *caves and reads the dang sequel*
stinkypajama stinkypajama Jan 28, 2013
Alex beware of the blue envelope , something ill-omened !!!!!! CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!
ReesaBabz ReesaBabz Jan 14, 2013
@mydisciple Trust me , Carmen wont really be the problem , lol
DanniSden DanniSden Jan 12, 2013
aweeeeeeeeeeesome start,!!! please just do NOT tell me Alex will cheat on Jess with Carmen, coz Carmen seem kinda shady, and that Clarissa chick as well!!!
                              what about that letter???