Another Bellice Story(Lesbian Stories)

Another Bellice Story(Lesbian Stories)

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Bella swan is far from normal. Having a dad as the devil and her mother part demon and werewolf things aren't easy. Things takes a turn for the worst when she goes to Forks and meets the Cullens(especially Alice). She knows there secret but do they know hers.

(first fanfic EVER)
Rated M maybe for later scenes.


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  • lgbt
  • supernatural
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Link31 Link31 Apr 12, 2017
I gotta say. I'm rereading this story and it's stuck with me. I absolutely love it. But also I wanna say, not to sound mean or rude or anything, but you could have done so much more with this story. But either way, I love this story.
- - Mar 31, 2016
Plz make the I's big.  Thx.  Not a hate comment, it's an OCD comment.
the_doctor_TARDIS the_doctor_TARDIS Mar 14, 2016
Really were bringing supernatural names into this now really 😑
5elements 5elements Mar 13, 2016
Very very strong sense of Supernatural here, so much that I'm shaking from the fangirl
worldswillcolide worldswillcolide Aug 06, 2015
good length in chapters. i try to make mine long, but they come to short
vampsrule1 vampsrule1 Apr 18, 2015
@Rootbeerbacca updated. Sad im starting school, we get loads of hmw. So I made the next ch longer