The Thing About Living With Boys

The Thing About Living With Boys

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☾idk☽ By SoHopelesss Updated Jul 08, 2016

Infinity Grant has to put up with 6 rambunctious, messy, annoying boys. Every. Single. Day. The thing is though, she doesn't seem to mind one bit at all. Yes, they ruin furniture every once in a while, or accidentally set their house on fire. But they make her life more exciting. 

However, issues arise, when her parents, tell her news she wasn't expecting. News that could perhaps make her life MUCH more exciting than it already is.

The Thing About Living With Boys, is that Pranks, Paintballs, and perhaps romance, will surely ensue.

hafsah2002 hafsah2002 Jul 21, 2016
Omg u lying potato ahahhahha u killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂im a lying potato
-xomiyaox- -xomiyaox- Aug 29, 2016
idk how you could say something out loud and not hear yourself talk? it happens in books all the time
TheMagicKawaiiPotato TheMagicKawaiiPotato Aug 08, 2016
Haha I thought you were talking about me, cause I had a book and unpublished it then published another book where I basically said the same thing....
hafsah2002 hafsah2002 Jul 21, 2016
Im that hight n im 13 i just won't grow taller its so annoying
AshlynnMarie11 AshlynnMarie11 Apr 10, 2016
There are so many names of people in my life. Spencer is the second and Mitch is first. I can get over Mitch but Spencer has caused some... Things in my life rn. I think I'll get over it tho for the sake of reading this because I really want to
rebecca36514 rebecca36514 Sep 03, 2016
Every brother book I have read so far has a boy named spencer or Dylan 😂😂