A Chance To Start Over

A Chance To Start Over

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Anna A. Lane By -_AnnaBanana_- Completed

My name is Skylar Morgan and this is my story. Like every other story mine started with the annoying sound of my ringing alarm clock. This day was my graduation day and was supposed to be one of the best days of my life. Unfortunately this day soon turned, without a doubt, in the worst day ever.

Skylar Morgan had it all. A loving family, a great set of friends and a boyfriend most girls could only dream about. But she lost it all due to one single accident. An accident that turned her entire life upside down. Skylar is now leaving everything and everyone behind in Chigago and moves to the famous Hollywood to move in with her aunt.

Will Skylar be able to comepletely let go of her old life in Chigago and start fresh? Or will the pressure of living in Hollywood under the same roof with her famous aunt be too much? What happens when Skylar and her aunt get closer and start developing a strong bond? Or when she is surprised by a vistit by people she thought she wouldn't see for a long time? And what will happen when her secret talent gets discovered?

  • betrayal
  • chance
  • chicklit
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  • family
  • famous
  • friends
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A_Marie327 A_Marie327 Jul 04, 2016
MORTAL INSTRUMENTS reference right there. Jace Wayland, Lightwood, Morgenstern,Herondale!! #lovethetmilife!!
jjong_lemoncandy jjong_lemoncandy Oct 11, 2015
This is so good and well written! But I feel so sad now :(  Poor Skylar
iamdeeplysuperficial iamdeeplysuperficial Oct 03, 2015
This is so sad! I can't wait to read more though. Your description of the whole event is great, I love your style of writing :)
francinewrites_ francinewrites_ Sep 15, 2015
This was such a beautiful prologue; it had me smiling, then gasping in shock and feeling my heart break for Skylar! Great job, I can't wait to read on xx
Wordtoyamother Wordtoyamother Sep 15, 2015
I would have felt a little bad that I was moving to a brand new place and my aunt left me hanging on the pick up but then I'd have seen my own driver and got over it. lol.
Rei_Nyx Rei_Nyx Aug 30, 2015
Your description is amazing! Like truly, phenomenal. And your piece flows really well. I love the name Skyler btw good choice of a name right there.