Troubled little youth.

Troubled little youth.

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S H A N I By shani_leigh Completed

He thought he was a bad boy. 
She thought she was a psychopath. 
He was bad news.
She was worse.
He was angry at the world. 
She just wanted to have fun in it. 

When Ashila gets caught on the wrong side of the law again, her father has no other choice but to send her to the strict boarding school known as 'Prescott Boarding School a place for delinquents and troubled youth' she is downright  pissed. However when she gets there she decides to have some fun. Her type of fun. 

When Rylan finds out the only other dorm in his hall is going to be taken he's intrigued. After all his hall is only for the 'Class A' dangerous students, as the teachers and guards put it anyway. However when she gets there and he finds out that she's a she he's kinda annoyed that they class her as a 'Class A +' which is more dangerous than him.


A lot of colourful language and not the rainbow kind. 


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                              Im kind of psycho sooo i cant wait to see the main character ♥️
Unicorncatfart101 Unicorncatfart101 6 days ago
My mom almost made me go to boarding school cause I almost caught the school on fire and I pulled the fire drill thing twice... I'm now homeschooled :3
... some people say I’m a psychopath... I’m not. I’m evil. There’s a difference that people just can’t seem to see.
THIS IS GONNA BE AN AMAZING BOOK PLEASEEEEEEEEEE DONT let ingrorent little jerks who are a**holes and son of a b*tch get you down your an amazing supreme writer and I want this book to stay I don't want it to disappear before I've even read it right
soifyouwill soifyouwill Nov 09
why are the comments so dirty HAHAHAHAH ,, but it’s not like im innocent or smth
xArielMayx xArielMayx Nov 03
Also for anyone who cares I just tried Reeses peanut butter chocolate for the first time and it's so good idk how I've gone 14-15 years without it