Not like others (11th doctor x reader)

Not like others (11th doctor x reader)

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Hello fellow readers, this is a 11th doctor x reader fanfic please enjoy! 

(Warning: violence and fezzes ;3)

"Didn't anyone ever tell you?, theres one thing you never put in a trap, if your smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans of seeing tomorrow, theres one thing you never EVER put in a trap....


Normal, what is the meaning of this world? It's not in my dictionary
I tried being normal once, it was the worst two seconds of my life.
Me:Geranimo seriously 
                              Doctor:whats wrong with geranimo
                              Doctor: ............
I am the opposite of normal and would not be friende with myself normal me.......I am not normal! I hating being normal because it's boring!
lilchip lilchip Nov 12, 2016
I am not approving the world "normal" on my brain dictionary, or any dictionary near me get that word away from me